Florespe Travel Wildlife Adventures

Wildlife Adventures

Situated at one of the most remote wilderness regions on earth, see denning wild wolves, musk-oxen herds, the great caribou migration & incredible displays of aurora borealis.

Join veteran Arctic wildlife guide & bush pilot ‘Tundra Tom’ on a choice of wildlife and adventure expeditions to Canada’s remote Nunavut Territory. We specialize in boat & aircraft-supported wildlife tours featuring first-rate escorted mobile tent camps set up at major water-crossings and denning areas.

See wild wolves during the den-cycle, musk-oxen herds, the great summer caribou migrations, nesting birds-of-prey; tundra autumn colours, incredible displays of northern lights – and more!

As a reponsible user of our natural resources, we are strongly involved with the status and often controversal issues surrounding the protection of the last strongholds of Arctic wildlife.

We at Great Canadian strive to find and maintain a balance between providing world-class viewing opportunities for our clients, while maintaining an ethical and non-disturbing approach to sensitive wild animals.

As a eco-tourism company, we practice daily environmentally conscious field ethics that are intended to leave as little impact as possible to our surrounding environs. This attitude is particularly important in sensitive Arctic and sub-Arctic regions where even just walking over the wrong area at the wrong time in the wrong manner, may scar the land for hundreds of years. Our camps, equipment & field techniques are operated in such a manner, and we expect our guests to assist us in our endeavor to maintain purity on the land.

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