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Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Instead of turning to testosterone therapy to help boost your libido, energy, and metabolism, it is better for you to follow a more natural approach that supports your body’s own production of testosterone. Making lifestyle and dietary changes is going to help you manage your hormones long-term without negative side effects. If you are looking to […]

Leading a Green Lifestyle

We as a society seem to increasingly experience an accelerated rhythm of life, and this seems to be driven by increasing demands on our work and leisure times, the blurring of boundaries between the two. Material wellbeing is considered to be necessary for happiness – but we see that after a certain threshold (of wealth), […]

Ayurveda and Lifestyle Modification

The global burden of non-communicable diseases is rapidly increasing, and the essential management strategy is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda can play a major role in this aspect, as the primary aim of Ayurveda is to prevent diseases by following a healthy lifestyle. However, in order to implement such classical knowledge (that is, healthy […]