How To Become a Real Estate Agent

The first step in this process ismaking sure that real estate is right for you. As a real estate salesperson, each day is spent working for you. This means handling your own office management, paperwork, prospecting leads, developing relationships, managing contacts, and dealing with buyers and sellers. Reach out to local real estate agents and […]

How to Make and Use Flashcards to Improve Real Estate

Our memories work like a filter. Most information is discarded within a minute after we hear or see it. Researchers have studied memory for over 100 years and have determined that one of the most effective techniques to get information into a person’s long-term memory is known as “spaced repetition.” Memorization takes place more effectively […]

Finance Your Real Estate Business

Hard money lenders are a financing tactic often used by real estate investors. Rather than coming from a bank, the funds for these investments come from a private individual or group. Because these loans do not need to go through any corporate procedures, they often have looser qualifying requirements and can be secured faster. Additionally, […]

Luxury Eco Resorts

With over 110 tourist resorts, at the moment there are only a small handful of which have sustainable eco policies in place to protect the future of this beautiful but vulnerable county. Spirit of Maldives offer a unique collection of luxury Eco resorts – bringing guests of the Maldives everything they dream of from a […]

Responsible Travel Advice

Choose your travel provider on the basis of their eco principles and practices.Educate yourself about the destination you are visiting by reading guidebooks and travel articles. Be aware of local history, culture and customs of the locals before arriving. Learn enough knowledge of the language to be polite i.e. hello, please and thankyou. By making […]